Saturday, April 28, 2007

Upcoming Comedy
Monday, May 14 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Wednesday, May 30 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Thursday, May 31 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Friday,June 1 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Saturday, June 2 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Sunday, June 3 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton

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I'm planning a trip to Vegas in June. It will be fun to travel again. Next on my list is Montreal and Quebec City. Maybe I'll try for the summer so I can be down there for Just For Laughs. The next U.S. cities I'd like to visit are Seattle and San Francisco (and possibly Salt Lake City so I can finally watch the Utah Jazz live--although they're giving me heart failure against the Rockets this spring).

The word for the weekend was--diverse. The writer's group was a lot of fun. Saturday, A friend invited me to check out this organic food store. ORGANIC POTATO CHIPS ARE AWESOME!! Seriously, there's no competition. I may swear off Lay's forever.

I also went dancing Saturday night with DAWN DUMONT my co-columnist. Since we're singles columnists, I wonder if the money we spend on cover charges is tax deductible.

Monday, I got a tour of KROCK radio station, courtesy of JAMES BALL. It was pretty cool. I've been on the radio twice and I don't think I'm very good at being intervewied. I guess I'll just have to get my own show.

I've got a photo shoot on Thursday for the next few Living articles, so time to get my funny face on...and to start picking out my outfits.

NOTE: Looks like the MPW show is postponed. I'll let everybody knows when it's resecheduled. I also found out through DINO, the manager at Smackdown is coming to town this summer. Life is good.

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