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MPW Vendetta went really well. (My latest Art Gallery column is finally written and posted at in the News section.) There was some chaos backstage before the show and that's when you really appreciate having veterans around. WHile MASSIVE DAMAGE dealt with logistics, STEVE RIVERS really stepped up and got everyone organized for the promos and the show. I really enjoyed SHARP vs. INFERNO and NITE and HEAVY METAL told a cool story in their tag match.

My favorite though was FINAL CHAPTER vs. INSANE IRISHMAN. FInal Chapter was wearing a mask and a jumpsuit which makes him more initmidating, but also means that Irishman had to really use his face and body language to convey the story. Ironically, when you're trying to make someone look like an unstoppable monster, it's the guy getting his butt kicked who makes or breaks the match, and Irishman did a great job. It's always more fearsome when the guy fighting impossible odds is someone you care about, and considering he hasn't been back long enough for us to really get to know him as a competitor, Irish did an awesome job of making himself both likeable to the crowd, and also gutsy as he put everything he had into the match and refusing to back down. I hope that match makes it to TV as it is a great example of two guys putting a match together in a way where regardless of the outcome, they both leave looking better than when they went in.

(Funny story: My parents came out for the night and Mom had a great time clapping and cheering and joining in for all the chanting (this is especially funny if you know what my mom is like). Anyway, during the NITE/SICILIAN ASSASSIN vs. HEAVY METAL/STEVIE SAINT tag match, Stevie was playing the role of the plucky, resilient good guy, who despite taking a severe pummeling from the bad guys, can't be put away despite the villains' best efforts. While Nite was choking Stevie, a "Let's go Stevie!" Clap-clap-clap! chant broke out with my Mom joining in. The funny part was, Nite's mom was sitting beside mine looking all sad. When my mom talked to her, Nite's mom was like, "I know he's supposed to be a bad guy, but I really wish people would cheer for my son. Deep down, he's a very nice boy.")

At The COMIC STRIP last night, Radio personality PAUL BROWN was the host. Paul's a great guy, and even offered to listen to some of my commentary and give me some pointers. THE PAUL BROWN show takes place Weekday mornings on 100.3 the Bear and also features YUKON JACK who I've worked with for MPW. So give them a listen. The shows were great and also featured POWERMANN who hosts his own radio show with LARS CALLEIOU on CJSR FM 88, Wednesdays at midnight.

Anyway, I'm up again at The Comic Strip tonight. CHRIS NANNARONE is headlining, and ANDREW IWANYK will be the MC, so it should be an interesting evening. Hope to see you there. I'm also MCing tomorrow at the Strip for Hit or Miss Monday, which is a great chance to check out the UP and Coming comics in the Edmonton scene. I find MCing the most challenging spot on the show, but also one of the most rewarding. I hope to see you there. Come up and say hello.

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