Tuesday, October 31, 2006

El Updat-O

Upcoming Comedy
Monday, October 30 - The Comic Strip (Edmonton)
Thursday, November 2 - The Comic Strip (Edmonton)
Saturday, November 4 - The Comic Strip (Edmonton)
Sunday, November 5 - The Comic Strip (Edmonton)
Monday, November 6 - The Comic Strip (Edmonton)

Living Articles in the Journal (subject to change)
Friday, November 3 - Strictly Ballroom

Television(as 'Martial' Art McNeil)MPW Madness airs every Friday night (Saturday morning) at 1 AM

Other appearances
Friday, November 3 - MPW Vendetta-Kingsay Hangars, Edmonton

Dan Brodribb's headLINES appears every Saturday in the ed section of the Edmonton Journal

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I had the pleasure of MCing for NAVIN PRATAP at THE COMIC STRIP last night. Long time followers of this blog may remember NAVIN as one of the guys I first watched many moons ago and he and ANGIE ISMOND were really instrumental in my comic development. It was a real joy to be able to bring him up as a headliner and see how much he's grown as a comedian.

The best part about my life is the wild characters you meet. Whether it's running through the snow with wrestler HEAVY METAL looking for a psychic fair or an open restaraunt or driving with comic MAX MAULT listening to Blue Oyster Cult and making up ridiculous jokes about different animals walking into the bar, ("This duck walks into a bar. The bartender says, "What can I get you?" and the duck says: "Just the bill." Ba-dump.) You meet people you will never encounter anywhere else.

Lots of rumours floating around on a number of different projects I've been working on, but no official news to report. I've been offered a small movie role (and I like tendering offers a lot more than I like auditioning, I'll tell you that). As well, there's been talk that MPW may be making yet another leap forward and I've been approached about a comedy radio taping. As always, we'll see what happens, and I'll believe it when I see it, but it is exciting to have my name attached to all these rumors. Trust me--if anything comes of these things, I will be the first to brag about it. Except, kind of I already did though I really have nothing to brag about at this point. Oh well. Hatched or not, chicken-counting has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.

A couple weeks ago I saw the play (G)LISTENING, directed by HEATHER FITZSIMMONS-FREY who was the dramaturge (don't ask me what that is--I still don't know exactly) on my play THE SATANIST'S WIFE a few years back. The play finished it's run, so it's kind of pointless to plug it, but I did want to say how much I liked it. I especially liked the way the two actors were able to use space and movement and facial expression to convey so much emotion. There was a lot of dance-style lifts and moves and twists, and it was really cool. I've said before how much I admire performers who can express with their faces and body language and (g)listening did not disappoint. And there was dirty stuff too.

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