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First of all, thanks to all who sent in birthday wishes. It means a lot.

My next Jounal article runs this Friday, and it's on my experiences as an announcer for Monster Pro Wrestling. Speaking of MPW, no pies in this week's MPW show, but it will feature two title matches: NITE vs. HEAVY METAL for the Jr. Heavyweight championship (It was a show-stealer live) and MASSIVE DAMAGE vs. DARREN "THE BOMB" DALTON in a barbed wire match. And yes, the shorts to which I refer in the article, are indeed the ones Massive Damage is wearing in the match.

The XM radio tapings at Yuks went well last Friday. I was the first act up on the late show, which means I didn't get as much of a chance to suss out the crowd as I would have liked. Still, I had a decent but not spectactular set. A lot of guys from Calgary came down, so it was great to see them. If I was better at names, I'd mention them, but they definitely established themselves as guys to watch. I also was glad to see KERRY UNGER again. On and off stage he's such a cool guy. If you get a chance to see him, do so. If you've seen the cartoon Yuk Yuks ads that run in SEE magazine every week, he's the guy behind them. Funny stuff. He's also part of THE NE'ER DO WELLS, a band that does some really funny songs. Look 'em up on myspace.

KATHLEEN MCGEE was co-middling Sunday at the Comic Strip with ANDREW IWANYK, while WELBY SANTOS headlined and KELLY SOLODUKA hosted. I enjoy watching all four of these guys (and gal), but I was most blown away at how much Kathleen and Kelly have both improved over the past few months. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Watching other people grow and develop is one of the coolest things in comedy.

Rehersals are underway for SURE-SHOT DUMBROWSKI, a feature length movie directed by TIM MCKORT. I have a small role, but I intend to be the best Russian Goal Judge ever. In other movie-ish news, BILL GEE, LARS CALLEIOU and I shot a short teaser to promote the Edmonton Journal's ed magazine with the help (and camera of DON CAMPBELL). Alternate takes also included a cameo by the one-and-only MAX MAULT. If it makes the website, I'll let everyone know.

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting the home of wrestler "MR. INTENSITY" MARK POSEY (and of course his wife, the lovely Mrs. Intensity). ECLIPSE and HEAVY METAL came along as well, and we discovered that Mark has a box full of old wrestling magazines from the days when the territories thrived and wrestling was treated as real. It made me realize how much times have changed, and how fortunate the MPW guys are. As far as I know, MPW is the only independent Canadian wrestling promotion with television, so our wrestlers gain some invaluable experience. If you happen to be reading this and are interested in getting involved in MPW as a wrestler, contact them through the www.monsterprowrestling.com website.

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