Monday, March 21, 2005

Odds and Sods

-I picked up a guest spot at The Comic Strip last night. The crowd was great (most crowds are, as long as long as they don't have pitchforks and torches and you aren't Frankenstein's Monster). I've been trying to 'clean up' my act, but somehow, it's always the dirty jokes that seem to do well. The funny thing is, when I started out, I thought I was 'too good' to work with dirty jokes, and now I'm wallowing in the mud like a pig sniffing for dick-joke truffles. Oh well.

In other great news. LARS CALLIEOU is the Regional Champ for CBC's Stand and Deliver contest. They've even got one of my favorite Lars jokes, Kindergarten Reunion, online at . Check him out, along with the other very funny features from across this great land of ours and excercise your democratic rights.

That's it for now. My ed feature is doing well, and I'm enjoying seeing my picture and columns in the Journal every Sunday (the first week, they ran my picture on the front page. My mom was thrilled). I hope I'll get an opportunity to do more once this initial run is finished, but for now I'm just enjoying the moment.

Hope you're doing the same.

Take care,


March 27th at The Comic Strip on Bourbon Street in West Edmonton Mall.
April 26th at Yuk Yuks in Londonderry Mall

-Columns every Sunday through April 16th in the Living section of the Edmonton Journal

-headLINES by Dan Brodribb appears every Saturday in the Edmonton Journal's ed magazine

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