Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Let's Get Extreme!

-Sunday, March 27th at The Comic Strip at Bourbon Street in West Edmonton Mall
-Sunday, April 17 at The Comic Strip at Bourbon Street in West Edmonton Mall
-Wednesday, April 20th at Yuk Yuks in Londonderry for the Extreme Comedy Challenge
-Tuesday, April 26th at Yuk Yuks in Londonderry Mall

-Every Sunday through April 16 in the Living section of the Edmonton Journal
-Dan Brodribb's headLINES runs every Saturday in ed magazine in the Edmonton Journal

-Looks like I'm going to be part of April's Extreme Comedy Challenge at Yuk Yuks. This month the object is to write a dirty set without using dirty words--kind of funny given that I spent my last post vowing to get a way from the dirty stuff. Still, this is a great challenge for me, and I'm excited about the opportunity to do ten minutes instead of my usual five. My night is on April 20th (Hitler's birthday, for you history buffs) Come on out and say 'hi,' and enjoy the rest of the great comics on the bill.

-Last Tuesday was a great time at Yuk Yuks. The graduates from PAUL SVEEN's comedy course (check out for more information on the course) performed their first sets and did a fantastic job. One of them even crushed her first heckler--which is Awesome! Watching that combination of joy and terror as they were up on stage discovering themselves really reminded me of why I'm in this business in the first place. I learned more from watching them than they would watching me. It also inspired MC PAUL MYREHAUG and TOBY HARGRAVES ( to share a few stories of their own, which made the whole night fantastic. Toby's heading out on tour before moving to Vancouver, so if you get a chance to see him, he's very funny, and a sweetheart of a guy. I believe Mr. Myrehaug will be doing some shows up in Banff in between snowboarding expeditions, so if you get a chance to catch him performing in the mountains, ask for his 'Dark Ages ex-girlfriend' joke.

-Saturday morning I'm acting in a short film, called Choice/No Choice. This is writer/director ALLISON A. BAILEY's first solo film. I've worked with her before in FAVA (Edmonton Film And Video Arts)'s Monday Night Club and she's talented and driven. I'll post screening info as it comes up.

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