Monday, July 09, 2012

My Weekend

Participated in the Edmonton Slutwalk again this year. It's a good cause, and one that's close to my heart. As someone who believes everyone deserves healthy, happy romantic and sexual relationships, it was hard to hear the stories of those who have been assaulted.

My heart goes out to them and anybody else who has been touched by sexual violence.

As with last year, my sense of amusement didn't take any time off. This time I was amused to note that the Slutwalk ended in Churchill Square where the Street Perfomer's festival was in full swing.

Worlds collide.

Social Irving the Human Beatbox.

Not my first entertaining moment in Churchill Square this summer. The last one happened at the Pride Festival a couple weeks ago. You haven't live until you've heard Van Halen's "Eruption" played on the bagpipes.
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July 14 - Glengarry Community Hall, Edmonton

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