Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Futures Together

Our homework, should we choose to accept it, was to watch television.

I like this kind of work.

The class was a negotiation class. Our instructions were to watch a televsion program with some interpersonal conflict and identify the issues.

I chose a married couple who travel through time and space accompanying the title character in Dr. Who.

I want to be a couples counsellor for time travellers. Their problems are a lot more interesting for me as a counsellor.

ME: "Let's see Mr. and Mrs. Pond. We've talked for a while and together you've agreed that the four most pressing issues for you to address are: 'Information sharing,' 'Travel,' 'Timing of Rescues,' and...ummm...'Marital Obligations and Romantic Boundary-Setting vis a vis Future Versions of Spouses from Alternate Realities'"

So where would you like to start?"

Saturday, February 25 - RCW Explosion, Glengarry Community Hall - Edmonton

Monday, January 30 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton

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