Saturday, June 04, 2011

In Which Dan Is A Lousy Feminist Ally, But Avoids Being Murdered With A Blunt Object.

Slutwalk is a Very Important event.

The intention behind it is to remind people sexual assault is not the victim's fault because of the way she--or he--dresses. It's a worthy cause and Vasalissa and I went to show support.

But as worthy a cause as it is, and as important as it is to give survivors of sexual assault a voice, I learned that my addiction to comedy is stronger.

After the speeches were over, the woman hosting the event asked anyone who had something to say to come up and address the crowd, which was several hundred strong.

I was already stepping forward when Vasalissa grabbed my hand to hold me back.

"Don't you dare," she hissed.

"Come on," I said. "Just a couple of new jokes..."

"I will beat you to death with this umbrella," Vasalissa said.

In conclusion, my fear of being bludgeoned to death is stronger than my addiction to comedy which in turn is far, far stronger than my desire to be a respectful feminist ally.

Although in my defense, I really think there's something to those new jokes.

Come to the Comic Strip on the 13th of June and see.

Monday,June 13 - The Comic Strip - Edmonton

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