Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Which Dan Tries Yoga & Hears A Ghost

They say yoga fosters spiritual development.

I thought it was an excuse for women to dress up in colorful, yet comfortable outfits. As if they needed a reason.

I tried yoga for the first time on saturday, bending (ouch!), stretching (ow!), and breathing (aaaaaahhhh!).

And as I breathed in and out, as I allowed the spirit to flourish within me and the light to flow from the tips of my toes to the top of my head...I heard the voice of my dead brother, as though the act of doing yoga had enabled me to make a spiritual connection with something long gone.

For an instant, I felt his presence, reaching across the gossamer curtain between the living and dead to give me a message from worlds beyond. His voice, like he was right there beside me spoke a single word.


Yep. That sounds like my brother all right.

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1 comment:

ClpX said...

(rofl) I hope you told him - very calmly in a yogic spiritual way - that all the women in lululemon would make you a clever fag indeed.

Brothers, eh? :)