Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Everybody Needs A Comedy Cornerman

Everybody needs a comedy cornerman.

Well, unless you don't do comedy I suppose.

I hate taking paper on stage. Partly it's because I use such small notes, I can't read them well onstage, but mostly it's because it's a personal challenge to myself. Some comics can bring notes onstage and still connect, but I have a tendency to hide behind my notes or keep the piece of paper in my hand, which is distracting.

Last night, I had a lot of specific jokes I wanted to work on. I didn't want to forget any, but I didn't want to bring paper onstage.

Enter: the comedy cornerman.

I recruited BEN PROULX to watch my notes for me and yell out reminders of which jokes I was supposed to do.

It worked well, although it might need some tweaking.

Next time, I'll have my comedy cornerman sit in the audience. That way instead of sounding like he's reminding me of my jokes, maybe it will sound like a rabid fan making joke requests.

What can I say? I like feeling more famous than I actually am.

That said, I should also give him a towel. That way if the jokes bomb, he has something to throw in.

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