Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dan On Video

Video promoting the next OSCW show is here. It's December 12 at the Hazeldean dome.

I also have a YouTube video up of a recent set. Because it's shot from a different angle and a different spot in the club in front of a different crowd, it's hard to compare it to this first video shot back in February and see if there's been any growth.

But that's comedy. You never get the same show twice.

So feel free to come watch and see what you get.

Upcoming shows are:

Saturday, November 28 - PRIVATE FUNCTION, Grande Prairie
Wednesday, December 9 - The Laugh Shop, Edmonton
Thursday, December 17 - PRIVATE FUNCTION, Evansburg
Monday, December 21 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton

Upcoming Wrestling Appearances
Saturday, December 12 - OSCW Above The Rest, Hazeldean Dome, Edmonton

I've never particularly enjoyed watching myself on video. I spent half the time staring at myself going 'do I always hold my right hand like that?'

According to Bastet, I do.

Off to Grande Prairie. The road is always fun. You never know what to expect. Sometimes it's Hot Chicks and Glory. Other times it's nearly running out of gas and freezing to death along a stretch of deserted highway.

Eitehr way the stories--and the memories--are great.

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ClpX said...

In the later set, you appear relaxed enough to be pleased with your work.

I think it's easiest to laugh at a comic who is already amused with themselves. (Like when Drew Carey laughs at his own jokes :)) The comic thinks they're funny, so the audience is free to think the same.

... (forgot what I was going to say. I'm amazed with how many parallels one can draw between the two types of performance anxiety.)