Monday, March 24, 2008

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I complain now and then about rude people at the Comedy Club, people who think they are entitled to anything they want. I used to think those people had no redeeming social value.

I was wrong.

A friend (I haven't chosen his nickname yet; I'm thinking of going with PrettyBoy) and I were at a karaoke bar on Saturday. Every five minutes it seemed, the server was checking in on us.

Finally, I asked. "Why do you come by so often?"

She said: "Because when I'm out I often want stuff. Even if I order a drink, I might decide two seconds later I want something else, and I hate having to wait for a waitress."

In other words, she was one of those annoying types. But as a server, she's taken her weakness and turned it into a strength. She was a woman who made the decision lived up to her own standards.

That's pretty cool.

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