Monday, January 14, 2008

Dan Tries to Tell a Lie on Live Television - It Goes Badly

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An important new goal for me is to express myself honestly. Too often in the past, I've kept my mouth shut for fear of what others would think of me or because I wanted to give the perfect answer. Instead of worrying about being right or wrong, I want to be genuine.

So far so good. Until this morning.

I was doing a live TV interview on the Dating for Shy Guys course. At one point, one of the co-hosts--a very attractive and very married woman--turned the full force of her charisma on me and said asked something like: "What's something you would say to an attractive woman?"

DAN'S GENUINE ANSWER: I want to answer your question, but when you look at me like that you are so f**king hot I can't think straight.
DAN'S BRAIN: Don't say that! Screw genuine! Tell a lie! Tell a lie!

Although now that I think of it I have said "Umm..." to many an attractive woman, so technically, my answer was correct. Yay me...I guess.

Probably not a great way to sell yourself as a Dating Expert on live TV though.

The Dan is Not a Good Interview World Tour marches on.

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