Saturday, March 24, 2007

How I Spent My Weekend

Upcoming Comedy
Wednesday, March 28 - Riverside Pub, St. Albert
Wednesday, April 11 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Thursday, April 12 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Friday, April 13 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Saturday, April 14 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Sunday, April 15 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Thursday, April 19 - The Crown & Anchor Pub, Edmonton

Upcoming Writing
A Pair of Singles (with Dawn Dumont) in ed magazine every second Saturday
Thjs Saturday - Rocking the Cradle (Age Difference)

Other Apperances
Saturday, April 7 - MPW Regeneration, The Hangars 11410 Kingsway Ave, Edmonton

Dan Brodribb's headLINES appears every Saturday in the ed section of the Edmonton Journal

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Caught part of the battle of the bands Friday at NAIT. It's interesting how my way of judging bands has changed. When I was in a band myself, I used to care about how good they were musically. Now I care more about groups with stage presence that make a connection with the audience. Most of the bands I saw that night were good at it, certainly better than I was when I was doing music.

Saturday I went to a fashion show. It was fun. Although during one set (exhibit? group?) the models were so similar that it wasn't until they all came out at the end that I realized they weren't all the same woman. Once I saw them standing next to each other I realized they looked nothing the same at all. The only thing they really had in common was the same model-airplane-paint silver (you know the color I mean, right?) colored lipstick they were wearing.

Monday I hosted Hit or Miss night at The Strip. There were a few guys trying it out for the first time so they could write an article on it for the Gateway (writing articles about stand-up is actually how I got my start in writing so Godspeed you guys). I felt I let the show down with my own performance though. I was tired, but that's no excuse. I dissected the tape, next show will be better. I'll be working out some kinks tomorrow at Riverside to get set for my next stretch of shows in April at the Comic Strip.

That's the thing about comedy. You can never take it for granted. You have a string of great shows and you get complacent. Comedy, you have to earn it every time--that's what makes it so satisfying.

The next MPW show is April 7. As well, I'm looking forward to the next Pair of Singles article. I was quite happy with it, so I'm interested to see how it does.

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