Thursday, September 28, 2006


-Just a reminder that it is Fun-drive week for CJSR. They raise a lot of their operating costs during this week to keep shows like Kamikaze Komedy (hosted by LARS CALLIEOU and POWERMANN) on the air. KKomedy is a great show. I listen to 80% of it every week (the rest is lost in a haze of static--stupid crappy radio) and it's the only place you can hear guests like Punk'd's ROB PUE and others in an uncensored environment.

YOu get free stuff for donating and a tax receipt if you give over 60$. If you want to make an investment in Kamikaze Komedy, independent radio, and freedom and democracy, call (780) 492-CJSR extension 7.

-Speaking of media stuff, we finished the voice over work for the next couple episodes of MPW MADNESS (Friday nights/Saturday Morning at 1AM on ACCESS TV). There will be some great matches in the next couple weeks, but one you definitely won't want to sleep on is NITE vs. STEVIE SAINT for the Jr. Heavyweight Championship. These two don't match up often--I've only seen it happen twice--but when they do, they make sweet, sweet slobberknockin' magic.

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