Thursday, January 19, 2006


Upcoming Comedy
Tuesday, January 24 - Prism, Edmonton--Living Positive Benefit
Thursday, February 2 - Yuk Yuks, Edmonton
Friday, February 3 - Yuk Yuks, Edmonton
Saturday, February 4 - Yuk Yuks, Edmonton
Sunday, February 5 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton

Tuesday, February 14 - Drayton Valley
Sunday, February 19 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Saturday, April 1 - The Legion, Stettler

Upcoming Writing
Living Articles in the Edmonton Journal
Friday, February 10 - Valentine's Day
Friday, February 17 - Three's a Crowd

Dan Brodribb's headLINES appears every Saturday in the ed magazine supplement to the Edmonton Journal

-Tonight is the Living Positive benefit at Prism. LARS CALLIEOU is headlining, and if you've seen him before, you know what he can do. The two of us hung out and talked shop at the Sidetack Cafe's Open Mic last night (hosted by talented local musician BEN SPENCER). Monday nights at the Sidetrack is a great place for stage time if you're a local musician, and it's also a great place to check out a lot of great local acts if you're a fan of music and comedy (Interesting historical note: I'm told that at one time the venerable Sidetrack was the ONLY place in town that did comedy, before the arrival of Yuk Yuks in the 80s) .

-I did the commentary for some tapings on Sunday for MPW's Camp Wars. The matches should be shown on the website over the next little while. Also available shortly will be the January Madness DVD--KENNETH BARR of Idion Inc. did a really great job of putting everything together. It's been exciting to watch MPW grow since I first saw them in May of 2005. and the fact they've come so far so fast is a testament to a lot of hard work by the people involved. Don't forget the MPW TV Taping on February 4 (Radio personality YUKON JACK from 100.3 The Bear will be covering for me on commentary as I'll be performing at Yuks). The last show sold out, so make sure to get your tickets now.

-Congratulations to ANDREW IWANYK, who according to all accounts has earned himself a spot at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival. I can't tell you how fantastic it is to see Andrew's uniqueness and creativity recognized by someone other than those of us who have had the pleasure of sharing a stage with him for so many months (years, in some cases). There are times when it feels there's no justice in show-biz--or in life--but sometimes somthing happens when it feels like all is right with the world and this is one of those good times.

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