Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Upcoming Events
Thursday, August 25 - Yuk Yuks
Friday, September 2 - Yuk Yuks
Saturday, September 3 - Yuk Yuks

Dan Brodribb's headLINES appears every Saturday in the ed magazine supplement to the Edmonton Journal

-Black Gate magazine contacted me recently asking to see a short story I wrote a few years ago called "The Girl Who Feared Lightning." Weird that this is coming on the heels of my publication in Hellbound Books' 'Cold Flesh' anthology. My fiction career is finally starting to take off, and I've barely written any fiction in the last year or so. Time to get back at it, I guess.

-I've also written a piece for the Monster Pro Wrestling website under the pen name of 'Martial' Art McNeil. You can find it in the Inside MPW section of It's always fun to try something a little different, and I've always been a rasslin' fan at heart, and the MPW are great guys with a great product, so I'm happy to help out.

-August has been a quiet month for me for comedy, but I'm looking forward to my next few shows, especially the weekend shows on September 2 and 3. Hope to see you there.

-Meanwhile, work on my website continues, slowly but surely. I had a photo shoot yesterday, so hopefully my gorgeous mug will be gracing this space soon.

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