Friday, July 29, 2005


Upcoming Comedy
Friday, September 2 - Yuk Yuks
Saturday, September 3 - Yuk Yuks

Dan Brodribb's headLINES appears every Saturday in the ed section of the Edmonton Journal.

-Not much to report this week, at least nothing that would interest anyone. Behind the scenes, I'm busy as ever, but writing and rehearsing is never as fun to read about as all the excitment of the finished product.

-I met DEREK EDWARDS last night. He's one of the top comics in Canada, and he had some nice things to say about my work. He doesn't seem to get a lot of publicity, but he's at Yuk Yuks all weekend so be sure to go see him. You know how sometimes the movies say, "If you see just one movie this year..?" Well if you see just one live comedy show this year, go watch Derek. WINSTON HERBERT, another funny guy, who's been doing some music with KERRY UNGER is hosting and TODD K ( for some of the most addictive games on the net) and STEVE MCCARTHY are also on the bill.

-The last few weeks at Blue Chicago (hosted by KATHLEEN MCGEE--but you knew that already) have been a lot of fun, not just for the shows, but for hanging out with other comics. A couple weeks ago MAX MAULT had us in hysterics with his inability to distinguish between a rye and Coke and a rum and Coke despite his wild assertions to the contrary("I'm a BARTENDER! I'm a professional! I CAN tell the difference!) and last week I had a great time just chillin' with Kathleen, ANDREW IWANYK, and TRAVIS ROBINSON after the show. Good times.

-July headLINES should be up next week.

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