Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Scene (February 13-20)

ITEM: I got to get on stage at Yuk Yuks on Tuesday. It was a really hot crowd. They loved everybody. I tried out a couple new jokes, but when the crowd is that into it, it's hard to judge the quality of your writing, because everything sounds good. The highlight of the night for me was ANGIE ISMOND getting back to her usual awesome form after a couple of rough sets. The joke of the night was BRIAN HEGGE's new 'tweaker' bit. This guy is really worth seeing, and he's worked hard to keep the Live Wire open mic in Mill Woods running. Check him out if you get a chance. The headliner was PAUL SVEEN. I like Sveen's philosophy of comedy, and I like watching him even more. He seems to bring something new to the table each time I see him.

ITEM: I found out Wednesday morning I got a part in that indie zombie flick. They're shooting over nights so Mrs. Brodribb's handsome son won't be getting a whole lot of sleep that week. Still...zombies. I'll keep you posted as things develop.

ITEM: I did my first gig at The Comic Strip in West Edmonton Mall on Wednesday. It's more intimate (read: smaller) than Yuk Yuks, but it's a really nice-looking club. The crowd was small but receptive, and I tried a couple of new jokes. Plus POWERMANN showed up and we got to chat a bit, and I formally met KELLY DAKUS, another up-and-comer that a lot of the other open mic comedians look up to. We were also treated to a guest set by ROB PUE, who appeared on the TV show Punk'd. He's one of my favorite pros to watch, although I don't get to see as many of his shows as I like.

ITEM: The Edmonton Journal has agreed to run a series of my columns weekly from mid-March through April. The theme is 'Family Values' with each column focusing on a different relationship in my life. I'm excited about it, so watch the Living section of the Journal on Sundays for it. I'd love to hear what people think (


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