Thursday, February 10, 2005

(Comic) Strip For Me

I've landed a short spot at The Comic Strip next Wednesday, February 16. It's been a couple weeks since my last comedy gig, so I'm excited, although I can't help but feel I'm cheating on Yuk Yuks to be working (and I use the term 'working' in the 'not-getting-paid sense') another room. Still, It'd be great to see if the material that's been succesful at Yuks works in a different environment. I've got a fair bit of new stuff I'm itching to try, but this gig probably isn't the place for it.

Saturday I'm auditioning for an independent zombie movie. I've always wanted to play one of the walking dead, and I'm curious as to how one actually 'auditions' to be a zombie. You moan, you shamble (or run if they're the 2.0 zombies cropping up in movies like 28 Days Later or the Dawn of the Dead remake), you put anything into your mouth--basically you behave like a fourteen month old child; we're not talking Hamlet here.

Also on Saturday, in addition to my regular Headlines feature, the Edmonton Journal's ed magazine will be running two other pieces of mine: a Top 10 Moments in Geek Culture: Romantic Movie Quotes list, and a rant about what it's like to be single on Valentine's Day. It's a topic that's been touched on once or twice before [end sarcasm font], but I think the Single on VD article shows some growth as a writer. It's funny, but it isn't ONLY funny, and while straight humor is great, it's always nice to connect on other emotional levels as well.

Finally, I'll also be updating the blog on Saturday. At long last, January's Headlines will be published, complete with Writer's Commentary. I hope you enjoy it.

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