Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Uncle Diaries (continued): Actually...

My three-year old nephew loves the word "Actually."  He starts many sentences with it. Which is a change from how he used to start sentences--bouncing up and down and saying "Um Um Um"

We like to play dinosaurs. Sometimes we will be dinosaurs. Other times, we will become fossils.

Yesterday, as I was leaving, he asked: "Are you going to go pee?"

Which seemed random until I told D. this story and she said. "Well, that's what everyone asks HIM before he goes out. Maybe he thinks that's what we're supposed to do."

"Are you going to go pee?" is the "I'll text you later" for three year olds.


My nephew cannot keep a secret.

The other day, I arrived at my mom's house for my birthday dinner and he ran up to me.

The first words out of his mouth as he jumped up and down in place were: "We made you a CAKE! It looks like a football and it's a SURPRISE!"

Two hours later, his grandfather supervised him washing his hands.

"But we didn't use soap," Nephew said.

"We'll keep that a secret," my father told him.

The boy immediately sprinted off like the Flash trying to stop a bank robbery in progress, bursting into the room where my sister was changing Nephew #2.

"Pops said I didn't have to use soap!"

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