Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Say Yes To Everything

There's nothing like trying to sell wrestling tickets to non wrestling fans.

Kevin Nash was in town last weekend and I was trying to sell tickets to the women at work based on his appearance in Magic Mike.

ME: You should by tickets to my wrestling show. The guy from Magic Mike is going to be there.

HER: You mean Tatum Channing?

ME: Umm...no.

HER: That other guy. Matthew McConelly.

ME: Not him, either. It's the guy who played Tarzan.

(long silence)

HER: Eewww....

Let that be a lesson to me. The Ghostbusters Are You A God? rule also applies to promoting wrestling shows. When someone asks you if 'Tatum Channing' is at your show, the correct answer is always 'yes.'

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