Wednesday, February 08, 2012

World of Silver

I woke at 3am a couple nights ago to find the world had gone silver.

My room was silver. My blankets were silver. Even my skin had taken on an otherworldly glow.

I turned my neck and looked out the window.

The source of the glow was there. A full moon framed in a clear black sky.

It was a pretty amazing sight.

One of the benefits of slowing down is I'm better able to notice and appreciate these things. The contrast of a black crow winging across a blue sky. The mournful sound of a train. Visiting the St. Albert library, a building I practically grew up in, and breathing in the faint but unmistakeable scent of books.

When I was dating Bastet, I remember how she used to get down on her hands and knees in the grass and peer at bugs. I remember finding this behaviour both bemusing and charming.

Now I can't imagine living life any other way.

Saturday, February 25 - RCW Explosion, Glengarry Community Hall - Edmonton

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