Friday, August 12, 2011

On Falling & Flying

Sheesh. Was going to take on the subject of the late Jani Lane in my next Metal & Dust entry, but Chuck Klosterman beat me to it.

Speaking of links, this one is also hilarious. John Stamos, you are my new hero, despite your uncanny resemblance to the lead singer of DeSousa Drive.

It's been a heck of a 24 hours: great yoga, magical night of salsa, good comedy set, a potluck to say goodbye to a co-worker...

and there's more to come this weekend.

I feel as energized as I've ever been. The Attitude has been helping a lot. I'm energized these days, more than I have been in awhile.

But I'm also--at least at this moment--very tired.

That's the eternal dilemma. I get so much out of bringing energy, trying to bring happiness and a good attitude to things. The results are great.

But there are also times I just want to crash, to let myself go, and just let myself be supported for awhile.

I hate the thought of being a drain on anyone. I know I'm not, I know there are plenty of people who are happy to be there for me, that WANT to be able to be there for me.

All I have to do is ask. All I have to do is let myself go.

But sometimes I can't ask.

This post turned out different than I expected when I started writing it. Fatigue dampens my mood, it seems.

No problem, I'll face my fatigue the way I'm willing to face the other things in my life. I'll acknowledge it, embrace it, and make it a part of me.

Two hours until jiu-jitsu. Then Codependents Anonymous meeting and a Boy's Night Out. And the rest of the weekend promises even more possibilities.

Falling can wait. I've got flying to do.

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