Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Jess Is A Ladies' Man & The Vito Situation

Big Jess is a ladies man.

At the bar after the RCW show in Leduc he was talking to a young woman and her boyfriend physically grabbed her and steered her away.


Big Jess must have some powerful man mojo to inspire that kind of fear in other guys.

Maybe he's been reading my book. But when you're that good, maybe you don't need it.

AJ Sanchez was there this weekend and found a clip on the internet from the CWE tour of The Pas last January.

I'm most delighted that there is footage of my intro of Big Vito. Vito is a most interesting person and got on my case for most of the tour because he was particular about the way I introduced him.

Finally in Flin Flon, I got on the internet, wikipediad his credits and wrote them down. On the last show in Le Pas, I channeled my inner Chris Jericho(Check out this clip if you don't know what I mean) and read them all out including Vito's German toughman victory and his (accidental) pinfall of Mitsuhara Misawa in Japan.

It took nearly the entire length of Vito's intro music (especially since in my tribute to Jericho's "armbar" speech, I kept repeating "ECW!") It was Danny Duggan who insisted I include "and most importantly XWF" at the end--I guess you always want to save the best for last.

I don't know what makes me more proud. The fact that I did it or the fact that Nate Bush, Vito's opponent that night, had to leave the ring and hide his face he was laughing so hard. "Every time you paused, I thought you were done and then you just kept going," he later told me.

Anyway, AJ pointed out that the end of my intro is on the clip HERE (around 5:09). Thank, AJ for tracking it down. I am delighted to see my moment of glory survived in a form other than just a memory.

Tuesday, February 1 - The Hydeaway, Edmonton

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