Thursday, September 16, 2010

Seattle and Updates.

Monday, September 27 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Tuesday, October 5 - The Hydeaway, Edmonton

The next Heart Way Support Group Meeting is October 5. Email for registration or details.

I will be appearing at the 2010 Pure Speculation festival at the Radisson Hotel in Edmonton, Oct 22-24.

Check out Dan's writing on relationships at

Went to Seattle last week.

Let us not talk about the awesomeness of the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum.

Let us not talk about how I am awesome, navigating the city on foot, on streetcar, bus, monorail, and train. Let us also not talk about me disco dancing in the streets to amuse a boatload of tourists.

Let us not talk about the hotel buffet breakfast in which I ate a shocking amount of candied bacon.

Let us not talk about my two sets at the Comedy Underground, a comedy club which is most appropriately named--sort of a medieval dungeon meets Blair Witch House...if the Blair Witch owned a Mitch Hedberg poster.

It was a great atmosphere and the shows were a lot of fun.

Let us not talk about Vasalissa and her funny, sexy self. I am lucky to have such a girlfriend. Singing Wild World and roaming the streets of Seattle. It is great to have someone I can share all the parts of my life with--even the weird stuff.

Instead, let's talk about what is important--that we were not murdered.

Not by the freestyle rapper. Not by the street poet. The closest we came to death was when in trying to avoid a shockingly aggressive fundraiser for Amnesty International or something, we nearly fled into oncoming traffic.

In other news, an editor for a new fiction magazine contacted me about a short story, so I'm working on that as well as preparing for the 2010 Pure Speculation Festival. I'll be hosting the Friday night jam session and participating in a book round table discussion.

Very Exciting.


Poetry of Flesh said...

Sounds like you two had fun adventures. Take any pictures, huh huh? Dramatic re-enactment of escaping the Amnesty International person?

sistasage said...

yay; your tales sound rich and exciting! through your eyes, seattle seems a friendly circus. i was forced to wikipedia the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum and learn all about it.