Monday, January 19, 2009

Shows Tonight and A Funny Conversation

Here's my current list of upcoming shows. Hope to see you there.

Monday, January 19 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Tuesday, January 20 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton
Monday, February 9 - The Comic Strip, Edmonton

The tribute show for Ripper was on Saturday. It was really well-done. Of course, it wouldn't be wrestling without at least a couple surreal moments.

Here's the one that stuck out for me: Two wrestlers talking backstage.

BAD GUY WRESTLER 1 (after cheating his way to victory and insulting the crowd to a chorus of boos): I guess I better go out there and see if I still have a girlfriend.
BAD GUY WRESTLER 2: She's never seen you wrestle before?
BAD GUY WRESTLER 1: Nope, never even shown her tapes.
BAD GUY WRESTLER 2: (nodding sagaciously)It's always nerve-wracking the first time they see you. They don't always get it.

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