Wednesday, February 22, 2006

End of an Era

Upcoming Comedy
Thursday, February 23 - Private Function, Chateau Lake Louise
Wednesday, March 1 - The Comic Strip
Sunday, March 19 - The Comic Strip
Saturday, April 1 - The Legion, Stettler

Upcoming Writing
Living Articles in the Edmonton Journal
Friday, March 3 - The Dice Whisperer
Friday, March 17 - Son of Elvis

Dan Brodribb's headLINES appears every Saturday in the ed magazine supplement to the Edmonton Journal

-Monday was the last open stage at the Sidetrack Cafe's current location before moving to a new address. The Sidetrack is where comedy in Edmonton started before the arrival of Yuks. On hand to commemorate the occasion were myself, BRIAN HEGGE, POWERMANN, LARS CALLIEOU, ANDREW IWANYK, and KATHLEEN MCGEE (and her posse). The place was packed with musicians wanting to pay their last respects. Lots of fun.

-I think I've been doing too much comedy lately. Not really, but last night I had a dream that I was at ANDREW GROSE's house (Which I've never been to, but in my dream it looked like the U of A Hospital's Snell Hall). I was doing a guest spot with STEVE MCCARTHY, except the MC, PAUL SVEEN was doing renovations to the house as he hosted, so I had to do my set from a scaffold on the second floor. Bizarre. Maybe it's my brain's way of telling me I have to focus more on my writing. No wait, that's what my editor tells me.

-Apparently the MPW show in Bonnie Doon mall is go. It starts at 2pm, and it looks like we'll be taping so I'll be there for commentary. The next show after that is March 11 at the usual Alberta Ave. Community Hall. I still have to overdub commentary for February's show, so I better take care of my voice.

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Mr.Winkie said...

Geezus Dan, I just found you. Kerry and I will send you a free CD when it's done, complete with autographs and stained with...something personal.