Sunday, July 05, 2009

Wedding Season

Wedding season is in full swing. At the bar last night, there were nearly half a dozen bachelorette parties in attendance. To amuse myself, I made it my mission to get my picture taken with each and every bride to be. I imagine they will show up on BUBBA's Facebook page and some point.

The last couple times I've gone to the bar have felt odd. I'm having as much fun as ever, but I'm finding it less satisfying. Maybe it's because of where I started--two years ago, I was too shy to even step into a bar or nightclub without feeling crippling anxiety. Now I'm perfectly comfortable grabbing a bachelorette's bubble-wrap fake boobs.

Trouble is, I don't really have a lot of alternatives to going to the bar on weekends. What else is there? Going to the movies is nice, but I don't feel I'm really DOING anything, growing, or learning from the experience. Similarly, whenever I stay home I feel I'm stagnating.

I realize not many people consider going to the bar a form of personal development, but it really is. As professional wrestler Chi Chi Cruz put it, "Partying builds character." You learn about yourself. You learn about other people. You make good decisions and bad decisions and reap the consequences.

Maybe partying is less satisfying than it once was. But it's still more satisfying than doing nothing. So until I find something else--such as writing a hit song called "Existential Angst in this Club"--I guess I'm going to have to force myself to go out and engage in inappropriate behaviour with Hot Chicks and Strangers.

All things considered, these are good problems to have.

Upcoming Comedy
Monday, July 20 - The Comic Strip - Edmonton

Upcoming Wrestling Appearances
Saturday, July 11 - OSCW Rumble Aftermath (AFTERNOON SHOW AT 2PM), Hazeldean Community Hall - Edmonton

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Cori said...

You know if you ever want to do some nerding on a Saturday night, there is nerding a-plenty, and it usually requires last-minute actors.