Monday, July 27, 2009

Love In the Time Of Diverse Male Facial Hair...and Bicycles

Bastet convinced me to volunteer for preparations at the FolkFest (Edmonton's Winner and Still Champion in the Category of 'Most Diversity in Male Facial Hair') this year. It was an easy sell, mostly because it's something I hadn't done before and I love doing new things.

But I wasn't expecting this.

We ended up on two different crews, which means apparently we aren't supposed to hang out on site. Ours is a forbidden love, sort of like West Side Story. We are unable to publicy consummate (that may be the wrong word) our love without kicking off a riot.

Which should be hot. Unfortunatley, when I was finally able to sneak away from my post to see her, she was unavailable because, according to her. "I have to go with them so they can get me a bicycle."

Huh? Also, W, T, and F?

So my volunteer 'opportunity' is for 12 sleepless hours of mud, sun, rain, and bugs, and hers involves...delivering papers? Rescuing ET from the government?

There's something about this whole situation that really befuddles The Rock (4:03). And by 'The Rock,' I mean--'The Me'.

My last vision of Bastet this morning was her blowing kisses at me from the back of a pick up truck while I held open the gate.

Oh well.

Maybe she'll give me a ride on the handlebars.

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