Monday, June 29, 2009

Walk of Life

Yesterday, I went for a walk.

I don't believe you really know an area until you've felt it beneath your feet. So with time to kill between salsa dancing and the Druid's Comedy Night, I wandered around a few of the neighbourhoods in downtown Edmonton.

What struck me last night is how much LIFE there is in the city. We tend to think of cities as sterile. Yet, everywhere I looked were birds and bugs, trees and rabbits. We want to see ourselves, especially in the urban environment as seperated from nature, but it isn't true. We are always in nature.

It made me think about the people who are always trying to save the environment. I'm not that worried. Life finds away to survive and thrive under some pretty adverse conditions. Nature can take care of itself.

It's about how we take care of ourselves that I'm a little more worried about.

Upcoming Comedy
Monday, July 20 - The Comic Strip - Edmonton

Upcoming Wrestling Appearances
Saturday, July 11 - OSCW Rumble Aftermath (AFTERNOON SHOW AT 2PM), Hazeldean Community Hall - Edmonton

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