Saturday, August 01, 2009

Upcoming Shows and Book Recommendation

Excited about my upcoming shows. MCing is always a blast. Something unexpected always happens and I find myself learning a lot. The New City Show has a religious theme, which forces me to work on material I might not normally do.

Pushing yourself is important.

I read a book by Daniel Coyle called 'The Talent Code,' which pretty much says just that. If you're interested in how people learn, I would recommend it. It's really fascinating stuff. Plus it's an easy and short read.

I'm always fascinated by how people learn whether it's comedy, overcoming shyness, learning the Distress Line, handling almost every venture--personal and professional--there are people who do it well and people who do it not so well. But what's really interesting to me, is people who IMPROVE. What's the difference between a guy or gal who gets better and someone who doesn't?

One of the things it DIDN'T address is 'choking' which I find fascinating. I've done it myself in a few different areas of my life. In sports, I always played better from behind than ahead, for example. I've also noticed that my shyness or lack thereof can be maddeningly inconsistent. Similarly when I watch sports, some teams or players seem to be able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with maddening regularity while some guys are consistent and some guys (Robert Horry, Glenn Anderson) seemed to play better when there's something at stake.

How can a person who has all the skills and training "forget" them at a crucial moment? Stress, maybe. But one of the interesting things about stress-reactions is that they are self-generated. Why would evolution put something in us that enables us to fail when we need something the most?

Upcoming Comedy
Monday, August 3 - The Comic Strip - Edmonton
Tuesday, August 4 - New City - Edmonton

Upcoming Wrestling Appearances
Saturday, August 22 - OSCW August Action, Hazeldean Community Hall - Edmonton

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