Sunday, July 12, 2009

Searching for Dawn/Adventures in Babysitting

Saturday night was surreal.

The plan was to meet Dawn for drinks and dancing to celebrate her last night in town.

It never happened.

We connected over a series of phone just missing her...her just missing me...and all the while my night became more and more surreal.

I had left the bar we had originally planned to meet at when two women pulled up in a shiny red car and asked if I wanted to hang out. One of them was a complete stranger, the other was a supporting cast member from this story and I hadn't seen her since.

When I hopped in the car, I discovered there was another player in the game...a six month old child.

We drove to Whyte Avenue and went for a walk. I immediately enlisted the baby's services...he was my New Wingman for the night and we walked up and down the street hitting on women to the amusement of his mother and her friend.

Afterwards, I exchanged near-misses with Dawn and met up with some of the MPW and OSCW wresters and we bounced from bar to bar for a while. Domestic Partnership, the 'gay' tag team were there. Apparently they never read the memo about living their gimmick because for 'gay' guys they were both doing exceptionally well with the ladies. Although I can't help but think it was a little gauche for one of them to actually WEAR his championship belt in the bar.

We also got the latest development in a drama that cannot be talked about on a public blog out to protect the guilty, but I really wish it could. It's got all the elements: sex, booze, tears, text messaging...everything you need in a great wrestling love story except a happy ending and a climactic three-way hardcore dance for the championship(*).

In another surreal moment, the movie Aliens was playing at one of the bars, which shouldn't matter except that I had just been talking about that movie with Bastet.

In hindsight, if there's one lesson I would like readers to take from my experience, it's that you should come to my comedy shows, read my articles and make me a star.

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(*) I'm thinking of rephrasing that last sentence. As one wrestler might put it: "Awwkwwaaard."

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